Granite stone. This one is really unique Belitu
g . Imagine, such stones are usually found in the mountains, this tapikali even on the beach. Look at the structures that they form. Apparently, someone has compiled the stones so artistically arranged and so beautiful. We can see the stones began to spread from shore to sea. Some are arranged to form such an animal, for example in Cape Kelayang, where the big rocks are shaped like a bird (avian Kelayang), because it`s the people named this place Cape Kelayang.Small islands. There are 189 small islands around the island of Belitung. Almost everything is surrounded by white sand. Northwest side of the village of Tanjung Binga, there are found many small islands, mostly without occupants. We can get http://jelajahbelitungtour.com there by renting a boat with a long travel less than 30 minutes. Island-beaches the island is also a combination of white sand and granite boulders. One of them named Pualu Galangal. Here, you can see the lighthouse built by the Dutch in the 19th century. Other small islands that are fun to visit Pualu Bird, Pig Island, Pengadaran island, monkey island, monkey island and island Jenang.
Easily achieved. Belitung can be achieved only with a direct flight from Jakarta for 45 minutes. There were two flights that day seriap Sriwijaya Air and Batavia.
Murah.Satu flight times only Rp 450000-650000, - depending on the class didapatsaat booking, three star standard hotel Rp 450.000, -, vehicle rental termasukpengemudi Rp 450.000, - and rent a fishing boat if you want to visit kepulau small island approximately USD 400,000 , -. In the meantime, eat in a restaurant which shall make you surprised. My experience with family with 8 oranganggota, dining with a menu of grilled fish, fried shrimp and fish soup (gangan), fried shrimp and 2 kinds of vegetables and rice, it is only Rp 400,000 beauty of Belitung (Belitong) which has a clear sea with white sand and granite rocks began to be exposed since the island became a phenomenal movie Laskar Pelangi background and the Dreamer. The area formerly owned by Great Britain (1812) is also becoming a new tourist destination.

Belitung is an island off the east coast of Sumatra, flanked by the Gaspar Strait and Strait Karimata. Access to this area is very easy. From Jakarta, you only need about an hour flight. Any location that must be visited while in the Pacific? On Lengkuas there is a 60 meter lighthouse with 299 steps that was built in the Netherlands in 1882, climbed to the top of the tower payer because the view from the top of the lighthouse is very beautiful. Once satisfied to see the panorama from the top of the tower, you can wade through the shallow sea to the other rocky islet located 100 meters. While crossing, you can swim or snorkel. Sea water is very clear. You feel like bathing in the pool. The location is the best snorkeling on the North Western side of the island with a stretch of reef life Galangal and small fish that menarik.Perjalanan to Hang, from Tanjung Pandan city center, takes about 1.5 hours to pass through small forests, oil palm plantations, and hills. There are also lands damaged by tin mining. This place became a filming location Laskar Pelangi. You can see a replica of Muhammadiyah elementary school building. The original school building was gone. You can see the PN Timah housing officials at the time called gedong. Most of the old buildings look abandoned as SD PN Timah, Wisma Ria, and a workshop center PN Timah. Another place worth visiting is the pice, a large dam on the river Linggang Dutch heritage which divides the village Gantong. This dam is used to regulate the water level upstream Linggang so Emmer Bager (dredgers) may operate (take the lead) from the riverbed Linggang. However, prior to Hanging, you should taste the noodles Belitong in Tanjung Pandan.

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List names Tourist Places in Jakarta Belitung - Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia I think everyone must know, Jakarta is the largest Metropolitan city in Indonesia and became the center of the branch office of Indonesia, almost all major business centers in the city, I`ve occasionally played towards TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) in my opinion it is the best tourist spot besides Jakarta Monas and Ancol Dreamland very famous in Indonesia, how not? what people do not know that the capital of the state itself? The name Ndeso or katrok, it said Tukul Arwana.As the city center agen tour travel bangka belitung murah of the crown of Indonesia, Jakarta was too narrow and filled with a lot of Urbanization penuduk the village to try his fortune in the big city. People sometimes like to spend time jakarta utntuk traveled to Bandung or Bogor city to look for natural beauty, if it is too too late with the atmosphere of the city is very crowded and congested full of congestion.
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, including the World Fantasy playground and Seaworld Indonesia.

For those of you who love history, in Jakarta there is also some interesting museums that can be visited such as the Elephant and Museum Fatahillah Museum and Puppet Museum. In addition, Jakarta also has several monuments that contain historical value. Many of these monuments established or built in the heyday of President Sukarno, such as the National Monument (Monas) and Welcome Monument. It is based on the determination of President Sukarno at the time who want to make the city as a monumental city.

Attractions that exist in a large area on the island of Java such Attractions Malang, Bandung Attractions, Attractions Bogor, Yogyakarta Attractions, Attractions Bali and many tourist objects that exist in a large city on the island of Java is very in interest, but instead of the urban people are more likely to seek serenity and natural beauty, perhaps out of boredom with the noise and hustle of the crowded city by population.

Back to Jakarta, in order to create the city of Jakarta as a shopping destination, the government made the program "Enjoy Jakarta". The program is implemented in various shopping centers located in Jakarta. To realize the city as a shopping destination that is superior, the government is currently developing a Casablanca-axis as the axis Satria shopping. In this axis, in addition to the existing shopping center Mall Ambassador, ITC Kuningan, and Epicentrum, will also be present shopping center Ciputra World Jakarta, Kuningan City, and the City of Casablanca

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Friends must have been watching the movie Laskar Pelangi Belitung, in the film you can feel the incredible natural beauty of the natural in the film in Belitung, Bangka Belitung province. There are so many beaches in Belitung very fascinating for its beauty, blue sea, white sand beaches and rocks his existing in the coastal atmosphere of complete perfection of beauty there.Belitung Island save a lot of undeniable beauty. There are many tourist destinations that should be visited, such as the Cape Coast High, Bird Island, and Lengkuas.Lihat just Kepayang Cape Coast High, located not far from the town of Tanjung Pandan. There friends will see a large rock dross and high adorned with white sand beaches and green water that can make us all amazed and fascinated by his extraordinary natural wealth of Indonesia which is not inferior to destinations outside the country though.Bird Island, Kepayang agen paket wisata bangka belitung and galangal which is located around the Pacific islands was no less extraordinary. However, in order to get there you have to rent a boat rent is around Rp 400 thousand. Arriving at Lengkuas, you can snorkel with the tool rental price of Rp 25 thousand / fruit. The natural beauty of the sea is equally interesting. A time of your time to the Pacific, to enjoy the stunning beauty of Belitung island. There are beautiful beaches with exotic giant granite rocks, the sea is clear and clean, and delicious coffee and nikmat.Untuk nan can reach Raja Ampat, you must buy a ticket from Jakarta to Sorong with a flight time of 6 hours, transit in Makassar or Manado . After arriving in Sorong, you have to climb aboard with a travel time of 3 hours.

You will be faced with two options when you want to enjoy the natural attractions of the Raja Ampat Islands. The choice to live in a resortatau phinisi live in a vessel that has been modified. To be able to enjoy Raja Ampat tourist for a week using phinisi ship, you have to pay more than Rp 100 million with a passenger capacity of 14 people. For hotel options, you can stay at Aston Niu Manokwari at a starting price 600,000 sajaTidak no better way to get the beauty of marine Derawan, except dipping themselves into the sea bottom, either by diving or just snorkeling. Completing the rest, you can enjoy sand in Gosong located just 5 minutes from the island Derawan.

Underwater life here is incredible, you will find giant turtles, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs, barracuda, jellyfish and uburstingless. Shark Derawan here is one of the precious biodiversity. And not only that, some of the unique species and protected here, head crabs, whales, dolphins, and duyung.Pulau has various nicknames, holiday island, Paradise of Java, or Caribbean van Java. There are three options that boats can take you to these places, the speedboat Kartini; travel time of 4 hours, the ship Expres Bahari; travel time of 2 hours, and passenger motor boat Moriah; travel time of approximately 6 hours from the Port of Kartini.

Activities you can do in Karimunjawa, not just scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and fishing. You can also enjoy, around the island, see the captive sharks, mangrove forest trekking. Attractions located in the village of Tulamben Tulamben, Kubu district, Karangasem regency, Bali. The distance is about 80 km from Denpasar and can be reached within 1.5-2 hours drive.

The uniqueness of this attraction is the sunken wreck of the United States named the USS Liberty which sank in the second world war, but there is also a saying by the earthquake and the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 Regardless of what is right or wrong, Tulamben remains a favorite location for diving. There are many sea-facing accommodation in Tulamben, one that could be an option is Ocean View Tulamben starting at Rp640,000 if your message through

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Surely you`ve seen the movie titled Belitung Indonesia very popular until now. Location pengambilam drawings done in Bangka Belitung. Many tourist sites that you can knjungi while there. One is a white sand beach that is still very beautiful and have the waves are so tempting you to take a shower at the beach.
While in Bangka Belitung, you will often find small reservoirs, a former tin mining conventionally performed by residents, local entrepreneurs using simple tools. So after a lot of sand exploit tin mines harga paket wisata bangka belitung are on leave so much unfinished untreated rainwater coming in and make the place as small lakes. There was also quite a lot of oil palm plantations that exist in Tanjung Pandan Belitung.Di there Tin Museum which is the beginning of the history of the origin of tin mining activities commenced and the influx of ethnic Chinese history go to Bangka Belitung. There`s more attractions that you can visit the Lengkuas. To be able to achieve Lengkuas, we had rented a boat that can be used all day to enjoy the beauty of the island of Belitung Timur Regency Government Galangal, Bangka Belitung Islands this year preparing Bukit Raya in the district for tourism development Hanging Rainbow Warriors.

"Image Laskar Pelangi which has worldwide will remain our tourism icons. As part of that commitment we have prepared a number of lands in the district in order to go international Hanging his East Pacific Islands tourism," said Head of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) East Pacific Islands , Helly manggar Tjandra on Thursday (09/01/2014).

According to Helly, local governments will hold Andrea Hirata and adopt the concept in developing the tourist area of ​​Bukit Raya.

In addition to Rainbow Warriors tour program, it has also prepared other travel concepts such as marine tourism, adventure tourism and ecotourism, but the "brand" Rainbow Warriors will still be the main concept.

Separately, Chairman of Commission C DPRD East Belitung Regency, Lim Surya Wiguna said in recent years the development of the East Pacific Islands tourism is quite good, but still need to be encouraged again including tourist development is constrained menyelam.Dia hope despite budget constraints, but the local government through the Department of Culture and Tourism should continue to utilize the existing potential.

"In addition, tourism development must involve many parties including Laskar Pelangi by Andrea Hirata with her ​​that has obviously contributed greatly to tourism in East Belitung Regency tourism development in East Belitung Regency (Beltim) already running on track, but it can not be done instant or in a hurry.
"If done quickly / revolutionary, the human resources (HR) owned would not be able to follow or not qualified. Besides the cost of construction will be allocated a high, "said Head of Tourism Studies, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta Prof. Dr. Janianton Damanik, shortly after accompanying UGM students do service learning relationship with Regent Beltim Basuri T. Purnama in his office.
Professor of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol) UGM revealed, although the new district, but the East Belitung has tremendous tourism potential, it`s just that there is still a human resource constraints and should be completely planned.
"The development of tourism in the District Beltim this should be done gradually. The first must be done is the local government should implement local level tourism event. This in turn will make people realize that in this Beltim has great potential of the business and at the same time will stimulate civic responsibility, "he said.
Furthermore, an alumnus of the University of Bielefeld Germany Doctoral explains, owned white sand `beach Serdang` at New Village manggar was incredible dazzle. It`s just governance beach space needs to be reorganized. As a building on the waterfront should not be back to coast. Resto should be facing the sea and the beach to be empty for tourist activity. So that potential tourists to visit will be higher.
"The second of the campaign I think we have to make a trip fams. So how families reakreation trip was covered by foreign media. For example, media such as TV Singapore, Malaysia or the first regional scale. After that the new product development infrastructure such as hotels and others, "he explained.
He believes that the government is able to stimulate people to be entrepreneurs, tourism success has been in the grip Beltim District.
"I strongly agree with the Regent Beltim that the way to build the Pacific must think `crazy` and great. Only of course there must be a robust plan, "said Professor who used to be called The Bone

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In addition to beautiful beaches Belitung Bangka is also known by its cultural diversity, the culture was divided in two; no local culture to culture imported. Bangka island surrounded by sea, has become a livelihood for the majority nelayan.karena their livelihood as fishermen, the people there follow two major cultural events that are closely related to fishing, ie, ceremonies and exhaust Joang Rebo Kasan.In addition to these two major cultural events, there is also a culture that influenced religious elements, namely; Lion Dance art performances representing cultures of immigrant communities (Chinese) .But ritual among many cultures that exist in the Pacific, there was also a ceremony Sepintu seulang that have special meaning. This is a ritual that jasa paket wisata bangka belitung drew Islands community unitSepintu Sedulang became a slogan and motto Islands community, meaning that memilii been no unity and mutual cooperation. This ritual is one of the activities of Bangka island residents on the village party time carrying trays of food to be eaten guests in customs hall.

Belitung has a custom home stilts. Berekonstruksi house from a big house is mostly made ​​of wood ornamenya famous Bulin strong and durable. Beautiful house that became the pride of the Rainbow Warriors were built on the land area of ​​approximately 500 square meters.

Belitung custom home is located in the city of Tanjung Pandan, precisely in jl.Ahmad Yani just next to Regent Pacific Islands Office. Stage house has three parts, namely the main room, and kitchen loss. Once up the stairs on the front of the house, we will find a terrace large enough to sit comfortable while chatting. After we passed the porch, we will enter the main room. In the main room, we will meihat various ornaments typical home Belitung. Slah only there was a cupboard that contains traditional dresses bridal Belitung ddi Buttons are five left. Then, on the right side of this room, there is a small bridal chamber. In this substitute jga room decorated figures photo Belitung past. Uniquely at this stage the main room is covered by a mat. But the floors were covered with mats become the hallmark of platform houses in Belitung.

After passing through the main room, we will find a space that is commonly called the Pacific community with Loss. Loss is a divider between the main room with a kitchen. But the loss also has a function that, as the neutralizing activity in the kitchen with the activities in the main room. The last room of the stage house is the kitchen. The kitchen is at the center of the cooking activity and close to the things that are dirty. Because the room is placed on the back of the house.

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Maybe if the hotel had to know what Belitung we are doing in one of the rooms, he would drive us right then and there: |Around ten, or eleven huh? Forgotten. Anyway we road before noon. The first goal that Laskar Pelangi SD Replication or so-called SD Muhammadiyah 1 trip there I`d rather not talk about how many hours it took, as far as any distance in the Pacific would not be felt long. Because the road was deserted and without jamming. Gas continues: D"Welcome to the Village Gantong." Bang said Kiray make our attention fixed on the streets and people`s homes around. Whereas before we were busy eating fried brains [-,]>"Dozens of people are still alive wrote hanged till now." Mr. Maulidi chimes. At first we were stunned not understand, he invites eh was kidding. That is, dozens of residents who live in Gantong still alive wrote. Yes, it Gantong place name. Muahahaha late X `)) There. The local government penyedia paket wisata bangka belitung also did not want to lose, they also make. That this should be treated well, yes. Unfortunately a lot correct now the graffiti gini. Benches as well live a little. ""Yes. Though Andrea Hirata which makes Belitong famous, yes. Ndak ungrateful But the local government, instead you let SD subsidies Rainbow Warriors maintained even let me create a new longer be income from there." Connect Mr. Maulidi. We just nodded."If SD Rainbow Warriors shooting for this film as well, Bang?" I asked."It is not. Anything else but seems to have broken down.`s SD tablets for filming the soap opera, the Rainbow Warriors series."

Rainfall forcing us to move right away from there. Next we will visit the museum said Andrea Hirata. Only within 5-10 minutes of SD Laskar Pelangi. Previously we took a midday praying in the mosque that is right in front of the museum said.
Entry to the Museum said, we were greeted by large posters containing the writings of Andrea Hirata`s in his books. The atmosphere is homey and really make at home. There is also the brother-sister that offers T-Shirt Rainbow Warriors but I do not buy. Yeah, I rarely buy the shirt. Often given. But unfortunately, do not give me :( mbaknya

Said Museum are also many photographs of children Laskar Pelangi large. And I had a fit. I act strange giggling laughing-`ve not already. Even typing this right, I am still laughing remembering my stupid behavior at the museum. See for yourself the gaduhnya dehSaking us giggling and acting weird, a crew from the Net TV coverage who happened to us here. We think, had they wanted to tell us that ndak noisy silence. Eh turns out we actually invited to interview. Duh, already far away to Belitong still ketangkep reporters dong Towards Asr, we rushed home. I was lucky to get a driver and a tour guide who avidly worship. Once the call to prayer, they stopped at a nearby mosque. It is true that the Koran and the tradition of worship in the Pacific is still very strong. Never stalling our prayers as if in town: |
After Asr, manggar us to the area. But unfortunately, at that time we ndak coffee, lunch only kesorean and continued to the Temple. The location is fairly remote monastery. But from the temple to the beach is quite close. So the next destination is the Buddhist Vihara and Burong Bath Beach.

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The beauty of the beaches and small Lengkuas islands in the Pacific Islands I have often heard, nor the legend of Rainbow Warriors story, this time I had the opportunity menjejakan foot in the land of the Rainbow Warriors. Time off in between office tasks I used to roam the islands in the northern region of the island of BelitungThe island is flanked by Gaspar Strait and Strait Karimata it has an area of ​​about 480,000 hectares. The beach here is famous for its beauty which is very regrettable that I must pass. Thursday morning, May 16, 2013 and one of my office colleagues move toward Cape Kelayang, one of the bays in the northern region as a starting promo paket wisata bangka belitung point for a trip to explore the islands are famous for keindahannya.Di there already waiting for a friend who used to take tourists to roam the oceans in the region this. UPEK bang ... people I`ve known over the phone was very friendly, he provides services to ship the bike cruising the island. Before browsing our rent snorkeling equipment are provided at the diner not far from the beach.

Dishes for lunch and drinks for the journey should be prepared before sailing given the hot weather as well as at the destination ie Lengkuas no filler food vendors perut.Perahu still leaning heavily on the beach waiting for our ride. This day trip along the sunny weather .. lucky ... because in a few days the Pacific region often rain. Ripple small waves hit the boat we were riding, the eyes move in unison around the blue ocean around me, at the end of the horizon seen some small islands that have been waiting for our presence in sana.Pulau Garuda ... obviously in front of my eyes there is a pile of stones set up a small island, and there is one large stone and the most prominent such Formatting like an eagle`s head. Camera shots and video recordings must I do to capture the natural beauty of the passing moment hotel..just Garuda Island, boat deflected toward Southwest Stone Sailing towards the island. The realization of the new screen does seem clear, therefore this island called Stone Sailing, not too far into that place, the boat that we were approaching and Bang Apek already turned off the engine of his ship, the crystal clear sea water allows me to see small fish colorful play in sidelines of coral reefs, white sand beach where I set foot feels very lembut.Pulau is filled with large rocks crate menhir, if ever read the comic Asterix and Obelix certainly no stranger to see the shape of a stone like this. Like being in the country of Gaul. There are unanswered questions: "where it came from this rock? `Whether the remaining meteor strike in the past? As we all know this famous Belitung Island which is said Satam Stone is a meteorite that had mengujam to earth, precisely on the island of the island Belitung.Di I met some beautiful marine animals, some small starfish appeared to disguise himself with a sand beach, the color they are very similar to the sand, on the north side of the island there is a large rock and a shallow pool of sea water, I saw no sea urchins near the rocks, black and some blue dots visible on their bodies, as well as the sharp thorns became their protector against lain.Setelah eye disorders and liver being satisfied in rock Island Sailing and photos as well as video already confirmed there we proceed to sea towards the island of sand, white sand dunes just in the middle of the ocean, without stones, plants and terrestrial beings on this small island, but in this place I saw a lot of beautiful sea animals and friendly to me. As if to welcome my arrival on the island, some sea stars seen approaching our boat and show up, little friend called me this wish.

Small starfish still disguised with a sand color, other than that there were already mature reddish, big and tough but looks very friendly, also small fish look crossed my legs, little friends really proves that nature is a friend , not my opponent. Friendship with this creature continues to a photo session and video recording with them semua.Pulau Bird is the next destination, already planned that we would have lunch at that place. Bird Island is no less interesting with other islands, it is said there is no bird head shaped stone. Accompanying roar of diesel engines we left Sand Island, Bird Island distances quite far away so I have time to rest, to be exact shelter after heat-panasan on the island before.

Bird Island is larger and there are many plants, too big rocks and no visible floating homes on the beach. The white sand beaches as clean, hot day and it makes sea water warmer. In this island there is a place to rest on the beach, shady place and provided the bale-bale bamboo for lying.After lunch I took time to explore the island, small fish, crabs and starfish again seen on the coast, all seem tame and friendly. Large stones resembling bird indeed, but there are also more resemble stone turtle raksasa.anya I rested briefly on this island because our main goal is Lengkuas. There was a lighthouse built in the Dutch colonial era in 1882.

Sail the boat back to the blue sea Lengkuas, we plan to first snorkeling near the island to return to meet with small companions under water.

Blue sea, breeze and clear sky seemed to be the reason I am always excited for the trip, the waves sometimes wet the spark advance when looking into the shallow sea floor and full of coral reefs. Lighthouse visible in the distance, but our main goal at the south of the island to snorkeling..Jangkar been thrown into the sea, the ship had stopped and all snokeling equipment and video camera is ready to carry out their duties. Small fish greet us, they scramble to get closer to my place down stairs ... boat. haiiii little friend ... wait ... yes.

The pounding of the waves hitting the face of a small ripple when it comes down to the sea, as if the eyes would not see the beauty of the coral reefs off under the boat, that`s where my little friend to play, they vary in color, moving swiftly around me seemed to invite to play bersama.Sendal and shoes please removable, washable foot before climbing tower made ​​entirely of iron. Before boarding they commanded to go down when there is lightning. Was this liver was also, bare feet in a building made ​​of iron certainly has high potential for lightning shock, lightning rods had been installed at the end of the top of the lighthouse, but still I worry.

Menjejakan feet step by step up the tower as high as 45 feet is not much fun, I have to go through 18 floors to reach the top of this tower.Aroma old building felt when entering the room below, the echo of my voice bounced off the walls of iron and mute. Beads of sweat began to wet me, pretty well up the stairs in an enclosed area and height. Hope rode the elevator to the top floor to be swatted away, just legs and intentions that could take me to reach the top of this lighthouse.

All sense of fatigue disappear when it reaches the peak, this effort gets rewarded beautiful scenery around me, the eye could see far into the horizon, enjoying the beauty of the creator, the natural beauty of this recording will always be recorded in my mind, as well as awe-old tower 131 this year is still standing strong and able to give light savior for sailors who crossed the region.

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Lengkuas Island Belitung is one that became one pavorit destination for tourists visiting Belitung, in addition to having the beauty of white sand beaches and a cluster of rocks, here there is a lighthouse tower built in the Dutch colonial era in 1882, is still sturdy and relatively maintained, serves as a guide ships entering or coming out into the Pacific waters of Tanjung Binga.
This lighthouse has a height of 70 meters with a total of 18 levels stratified space. Every tourist who visit the island are allowed to enter the space in this building, and up the stairs after reaching the highest peak of the tower. Each floor has a glass window that allows a look into the surrounding ocean expanse. As a high tower-shaped building to reach the highest peak requires a willingness and ability to prime because paket wisata bangka belitung hemat it will take a lot of energy. But fatigue feels up the stairs after sirnah when it is at the top of the tower as it will gain interesting experience looking at natural scenery and beautiful sea beaches.

Around this island stretches of white sand has a relatively broad width of a very decent used a relaxed and play markets. The sea water here is also very clean and clear in addition to having many clusters of stones neatly arranged, neat and pleasing to the eye. beach is also very suitable as a place to swim.A few meters from the beach surface, usually every ship carrying tourists stop to give passengers the opportunity to swim freely in the sea which has
marine park with a diversity of marine life, which gives the impression of interest in this sea, people who were swimming will be accosted many fish species and attractive colors.

For visitors who have a hobby of swimming and want to enjoy the underwater scenery this place is worth a try. But here is not limited to swimming, anyone is welcome travelers who want to swim jump into the sea because the water will be monitored by the crew.Given the opportunity to swim here is an interesting experience and gives a unique impression, in addition to having clear sea water, can play or romp with a few small fish were always being around people who were swimming here.

To make the fish congregate or swarming with travelers sometimes throwing large quantities of food into the water so that the fish appear beautiful. Uniquely people swimming while holding foods such as bread makes the fish come together, not the reverse run of people swimming, but to catch fish with your bare hands is not easy and required special skills, most people did not catch this adorable fish .

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directly to the receptionist about the transport Belitung Including driver charge per day is quite expensive .. well it does that much standard everywhere .. plus pay their own fuel ga ... negotiable ... whoa ..
I got a reference no hp driver recommendation from one of the mailing lists backpacker, but it turns out his phone number can not be reached ... cilakak ya ... if tomorrow ga dapet transport, valuable time is lost going to take a day .. I finally wrote ... time is "really "money ...In the living room of my time liat2 map hotels tourist island of Belitung, I became acquainted with a Mr. .. he knows very well about the Pacific ... and the next ... it turns out a TV crew said the crew that the father is one of the elders of the Pacific ... well, I talk and asked at length about tempat2 in the Pacific ... his name Toni pack BillitonTanjung Pandan town is a small town .. maybe because I just stuck around the city center near the hotel Martani. Public transportation in the city if the night just a little difficult to get taxis and motorcycle taxis. I waited a couple paket wisata bangka belitung lengkap of times on base motorcycle deket dapet hotel but never a motorcycle :)If the course does, from the airport to the city is paved silky smooth. And kota2nya itself is quite clean and neat .. and sepiiii ... so there is an impression in the heart ... of the jungle jam capital moved briefly to the small town of lush, clean and sepii ..From the person who tinkers schedule, the first day I choose to Stone Baginde first, then go to the beach Bird Bath in the east end and further down the coast at the southern end when pigeon was.

Hunting Day 1

Depart fitting 8.30 ... to the south ... salute .. Belitung course is paved silky smooth from end to end ... mantap.Nyampe in the driver forgot to pack the south entrance to the Batu Baginde because he had not been there a long time ... but dg tips "shame ask astray on the road "or by asking locals to finally find any way also makes the entry .. turns out to be a dirt road ... which is rather narrow. not long distance ... kliatan tuh stone. wow .. great .. euii kayaking adventure in film2 legend ato ..akhirnya stopped at a nearby village ... there are only a few houses around there .. from the question asked to the residents eventually took a driver pack for the old man showed us the way ... wah si the old man was quite "funky" ... music tune remix of his hp ... hp wuikkk ... I wrote the music muter ga ... hehehe turns to Stone Baginde it through ... trail. pantes kliatan not had time passes ... there are 2 hill stone .. stone Baginde preponderance father said it was unusual dubbed Stone Male (man / husband) and the other one Batu Bini (woman / wife). Tool that can be climbed without climbing until the top is Stone Bini ... through the path, after that uphill through a forest road not so much ... but ngos2an and keabisan breath .. because I carry 5 kg bag of camera equipment plus a tripod plus do not forget to drink before the trip and do not forget to buy a bottle of drinking !! Nah .. after that use hill climbing rope climbing ... oh ya ... hehe ... nyampe at the top ... I was almost fainting fatigue and overheating .. break ... 10 minutes. back to breath regularly and in the eyes of the lost kunang2 ... new ... up to the top.

Wuaaahhh ... turned out pretty cool .. besides viewnya can see the top of the Rock Boys on the other side, can also ngliat the Pacific south of the above ... as far as the eye can see and the forest looks south coast ... jeprat until satisfied ... walo rather was2 because the wind is quite kenceng ... so motretnya while sitting and do not let the creeps sometimes ... Rather unfortunate ketiup nyampe wind up before the wash-out sky cloudy ... aka white. Nothing biru2nya blas ... well, the sky pembiru CPL filter so it would not be useful ya ... :)

Once satisfied motret2 and enjoy the view from the top of the south Pacific Islands, we went back to the village to take the father and ... yeaahh, there is a small shop ... drink a can Pocary Sosro Tea plus 2 bottles at once ... it was so thirsty and exhaustednya ...

From there go to the beach Bird Bath ... from the Pacific northwest end bolted to the east end. The road there also is paved smooth ... walo sometimes a little bit surprised because of the left tiba2 no motorcycle out to the road ... be advised there through several villages. Pretty far, about 3 hours plus lunch break in the middle of the road.

There`s a lot of info that I can from the driver pack on the way to the Bird Bath. He banned the ancient story of tin mining itself, could be arrested who authorities. Saving a can of tin wrote could be convicted if caught. Bangka Belitung and indeed one of the producers of tin in mana2 population terbesar.Tapi now free to mine tin. Good as their income increases, as bad if not controlled can damage the environment and leave the farm because they are getting easier to mine tin and tin menghasilkan.Selain, the result of which many in the Pacific mining is quartz sand raw material for glass, kaolin, clay and sand for building.

If agriculture is the mainstay of pepper. He said lada2 in the Pacific including my best. While in the fisheries sector, including the Pacific Islands are very abundant and many are exported to Singapura.Akhirnya nyampe on the beach Bird Bath.
The beach was quite crowded .. visitors mostly young couples .. knowingly Sunday. The beach was a little lacking when fotojenik for dijepret :). At the northern end of the beach is pretty good view, plus net ... probably because much of the visitors. But the sky tetep wash-out and timing .. not quite fit ya ... the sun has started to fall to the west, while the east-facing beaches .... Yes happens to the shore including trees not terexpose sunshine ... :) ... full already .. need to use Photoshop operations habis2an let skin can be enjoyed from a distance looks at the southern end of the beach there are rocks. We try to get there but there`s no driveway for the car and the distance is still quite far away. Finally I decided to go to the next beach aja deh because it was almost 3 pm.

By the way if I am mistaken for a tourist in Aceh ... I suspected the Samosir NGO in Bird Bath time .. I stopped by the shop for a drink coconut ice I thought ama investors who have stalls ... weleehh ..Lanjut to Bukit Batu beach ... and appropriate its name, this small beach filled with rocks. Said first driver pack is privately owned beach, but is now open to the public. Batu2annya very tempting to climb. Well berhati2 aja, kalo tuh pretty slippery pole, could fall into the gap batu2an besar2 nan it was the place of origin manggar Izha Yusril Mahendra. And I just found out that the city was the place of origin of Laskar Pelangi (him after watching the movie in September yesterday :))

Arriving at the hotel turns its fuel dg charged 35 liter fuel price ... above the normal price. Oh no ... I forgot to take into account if fuel costs beyond the cost of the rental car and driver ... he remembers me .. well lump was indeed quite far too, to the tip of the south and to the east end ... but also because it is relatively expensive shock when the object shores .. not good (except the stone object which is still quite impressive Baginde) ... time to make the spirit of hunting I lost ..
Time allocation in Belitung staying 2 days, and I have not been to the island ideal targets Galangal Pendam and beach near Cape Cape High. I lihat2 again I think both the map and the location relatively close tinimbang travel route south-east yesterday. Finally I decided tuk further wrote, in the hope the cost of gasoline is not much. Well the risk of hunting solo ... is not no friend for the joint cost of transport

Dikirim pada 20 Agustus 2014 di Sekilas Belitung

A high granite hill 250 meters above the ground Belitung in the village Membalong, is about 70 km from the city Tanjungpandan. There is a 1.5 meter diameter slab of stone that seems to stick in the Stone Baginde steep cliff.
Stone baginde locals regarded as a magical place that has the feel of a thick and legends associated with the origin of the island of Belitung, This is the main attraction for tourists who berkunjung.Alasan choose Billiton is due to curiosity, to see the Pacific coast foto2 very beautiful , both in the gallery foto2 situs2 Fotografer.net and in the Pacific Islands on the internet, especially I would like to see the rocky coast of the Pacific Islands and other exotic distinguished from the others.From the search results, tekumpul some Belitung which is quite popular and I think deserve to be the target of the coast of Cape High, galangal and pulau2 island near Tanjung Binga, Cape Kelayang, pigeon beach in the South, Bird Bath in the east paket wisata bangka belitung terbaik coast and Stone Baginde in the southwest Pacific Islands .
And also spread to pantai2 pingin on the island of Bangka so pingin also gentlemen hunting there. Because of my limited time only allocate one day in the Pacific, and so that the main target pantai2 only Parai beach and beach mat
Stone Baginde well suited as the sport of rock climbing, especially for travelers who are adventurous and love a challenge. Still around the village Membalong, precisely in the village there is also a cave Nek Perpat Santen inhabited by huge numbers of bats, the cave is surrounded by woods that can be used as natural attractions Finally I set the date of journey: Belitung date. August 9 to 13 and Bangka date. August 13 to 15. (dated 13 of Bangka Belitung cross into).

Flights from Jakarta to Belitung only served by Sriwijaya Air and Water Linus.
I bought a ticket directly at the agent Sriwijaya Air, the tariff is Rp 470,000 (Jakarta-Tanjung Pandan). Well, this is the consequence trip this holiday season ... expensive :). If he does regular month2 cost about USD 350 thousand.
At the check-in counter at the airport I denger2 no reply until the next person to buy a ticket for Rp 700,000 for the purchase impromptu ... gileee .. jangan2 bought through brokers.
Though Jkt Belitung Only 40-min :)

Ter-delay plane had no passengers who gara2 little dapet same seat number ... I could see the senior flight attendant marah2in that the ticketing officer ... well, there might be a game ticket ... jangan2 it is very common :)Nyampe at the airport around the clock 3.30cuaca Belitung somewhat cloudy ... Oh no, the great enemy of photographers for ya ... this heart come to be cloudy and misgivings. Hopefully tomorrow the weather is sunny.

By the way on the plane I was talking to a father who along with his wife sitting next to me. I think he is an official. Finally time to get off the plane I was offered a chauffeured office ... wuahh ... sip deh .. hehe. The father and mother sedan car ride, I ride vans work together with officials of the father was ... oh, so shy, because I do not know at orang2 who in the van ... but they wrote and welcome ramah2 pack also includes a driver who is very old her story ... again if the fuel crisis here ... queuing said ... gee, ya serious, car rental costs could swell ...
Finally nyampe to Martani hotel ... dapet that 118ribu USD per room, air conditioning, bathroom, no fridge and bonus aqua + fanta ...

Dikirim pada 20 Agustus 2014 di Sekilas Belitung
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