Dikirim pada 22 Agustus 2014 di Sekilas Belitung

Lengkuas Island Belitung is one that became one pavorit destination for tourists visiting Belitung, in addition to having the beauty of white sand beaches and a cluster of rocks, here there is a lighthouse tower built in the Dutch colonial era in 1882, is still sturdy and relatively maintained, serves as a guide ships entering or coming out into the Pacific waters of Tanjung Binga.
This lighthouse has a height of 70 meters with a total of 18 levels stratified space. Every tourist who visit the island are allowed to enter the space in this building, and up the stairs after reaching the highest peak of the tower. Each floor has a glass window that allows a look into the surrounding ocean expanse. As a high tower-shaped building to reach the highest peak requires a willingness and ability to prime because paket wisata bangka belitung hemat it will take a lot of energy. But fatigue feels up the stairs after sirnah when it is at the top of the tower as it will gain interesting experience looking at natural scenery and beautiful sea beaches.

Around this island stretches of white sand has a relatively broad width of a very decent used a relaxed and play markets. The sea water here is also very clean and clear in addition to having many clusters of stones neatly arranged, neat and pleasing to the eye. beach is also very suitable as a place to swim.A few meters from the beach surface, usually every ship carrying tourists stop to give passengers the opportunity to swim freely in the sea which has
marine park with a diversity of marine life, which gives the impression of interest in this sea, people who were swimming will be accosted many fish species and attractive colors.

For visitors who have a hobby of swimming and want to enjoy the underwater scenery this place is worth a try. But here is not limited to swimming, anyone is welcome travelers who want to swim jump into the sea because the water will be monitored by the crew.Given the opportunity to swim here is an interesting experience and gives a unique impression, in addition to having clear sea water, can play or romp with a few small fish were always being around people who were swimming here.

To make the fish congregate or swarming with travelers sometimes throwing large quantities of food into the water so that the fish appear beautiful. Uniquely people swimming while holding foods such as bread makes the fish come together, not the reverse run of people swimming, but to catch fish with your bare hands is not easy and required special skills, most people did not catch this adorable fish .

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Dikirim pada 22 Agustus 2014 di Sekilas Belitung
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