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List names Tourist Places in Jakarta Belitung - Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia I think everyone must know, Jakarta is the largest Metropolitan city in Indonesia and became the center of the branch office of Indonesia, almost all major business centers in the city, I've occasionally played towards TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah) in my opinion it is the best tourist spot besides Jakarta Monas and Ancol Dreamland very famous in Indonesia, how not? what people do not know that the capital of the state itself? The name Ndeso or katrok, it said Tukul Arwana.As the city center agen tour travel bangka belitung murah of the crown of Indonesia, Jakarta was too narrow and filled with a lot of Urbanization penuduk the village to try his fortune in the big city. People sometimes like to spend time jakarta utntuk traveled to Bandung or Bogor city to look for natural beauty, if it is too too late with the atmosphere of the city is very crowded and congested full of congestion.
     Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, including the World Fantasy playground and Seaworld Indonesia.

For those of you who love history, in Jakarta there is also some interesting museums that can be visited such as the Elephant and Museum Fatahillah Museum and Puppet Museum. In addition, Jakarta also has several monuments that contain historical value. Many of these monuments established or built in the heyday of President Sukarno, such as the National Monument (Monas) and Welcome Monument. It is based on the determination of President Sukarno at the time who want to make the city as a monumental city.

Attractions that exist in a large area on the island of Java such Attractions Malang, Bandung Attractions, Attractions Bogor, Yogyakarta Attractions, Attractions Bali and many tourist objects that exist in a large city on the island of Java is very in interest, but instead of the urban people are more likely to seek serenity and natural beauty, perhaps out of boredom with the noise and hustle of the crowded city by population.

Back to Jakarta, in order to create the city of Jakarta as a shopping destination, the government made the program "Enjoy Jakarta". The program is implemented in various shopping centers located in Jakarta. To realize the city as a shopping destination that is superior, the government is currently developing a Casablanca-axis as the axis Satria shopping. In this axis, in addition to the existing shopping center Mall Ambassador, ITC Kuningan, and Epicentrum, will also be present shopping center Ciputra World Jakarta, Kuningan City, and the City of Casablanca

Dikirim pada 02 September 2014 di Sekilas Belitung
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